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¤Leigh Ann¤

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Hi, I'm a new member of this community. Leave it to Beaver is one of my favorite tv shows!!
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this community is very dead and sad.
so i'm going to reply to your post because i'm so in love with this show and i like to talk about it.

when i started going out with my boyfriend a couple years ago, and he stopped on the beaver while flipping channels, i was all groany and "please, that show is so backwards and annoying"

"oh yeah?" he asked me. "when's the last time you watched it?"

it had been since the mid 80s.
before i knew it i was in love with the whole show/family.
ward and june are So Sweet to each other (and to the boys). and i swear sometimes ward or beaver (or both) say something that's as funny as the simpsons.

thanks for posting.